Powered by Gage MARKET.

Provide your users with a central location that will house all of your marketing assets in a single place. Serve up the appropriate material through a personalized experience based on what content that user should have access to. Integrate this library of content into an existing partner portal or have it stand alone as the Marketing Portal.

With MARKET, users can build co-branded marketing campaigns in just a few clicks, providing them with fliers, HTML emails, web banner ads, co-op ads, social media elements, promotion terms and conditions, and more. 


Personalized experience

Many digital asset management solutions fall short when it comes to user experience. The experience often becomes a ”sea” of links that users need to sift through and try and find what they are looking for. When a user can’t quickly find what they are looking for, they get frustrated and stop looking. The path of least resistance could become creating something on their own.

With our MARKET platform, user experience is top of mind, and we personalize the experience by allowing you to define segments of your audience and only serve up what is relevant to that user.   

In addition, MARKET provides:

  • Pre-built campaigns
  • Toolkits that aggregate content around a topic
  • Custom workflow that reduces end user time on site


Use our platform features out of the box, or further customize your implementation with system and data integrations. Integrations could include:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • CRM 
  • User profile / User hierarchy
  • Product feeds

For more information on other integration types, reach out and we can review our broad experience and your specific request.