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You’ve put in the effort to create a beautifully crafted marketing materials and campaigns. Take it further by providing your partners with the ability to customize those assets, while maintaining brand integrity and legal compliance.

Gage’s MARKET platform is easy to use, can integrate with an existing website or portal, or stand alone as a marketing portal. The platform goes way beyond a typical digital asset manager solution, giving users the ability to quickly find relevant material, campaigns or toolkits and customize those assets to meet their local needs. The amount of customization and the type of customization available is up to you. From direct mail, downloadable PDF's, HTML emails, web content, social media content and custom landing page or event registrations, users will have what they need to drive engagement and sales for your brand.



Localize & customize marketing assets

Empower your users to customize corporate marketing materials while ensuring legal and brand compliance. The amount of customization per asset is up to you. The end user will be guided through a very simple step by step process to customize the chosen asset. Real time preview is available, or assets can be downloaded or emailed for final proofing.   

Once final, the user can download their asset and print or email themselves, or they can send to a pre-determined printer for final processing and delivery.

Automated email campaigns

Provide access to templated emails and enable your users to customize the content within the template with updated copy, images, profile pictures or other data driven content you expose to that marketing asset. The amount of customization allowed is always left up to you, and is defined per asset.

Direct mail and mail merge

If you have a prospect or customer list you'd like to send a marketing asset to, MARKET makes it easy to upload your list and choose which asset or set of assets you'd like to merge, print and mail. Drip campaigns can also be setup by scheduling different pieces at different times.   




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