Achieve more in the field with customized marketing materials to deliver timely, on-brand messaging.


Updating brand and legal compliant marketing materials with shrinking resources and a growing number of channels is challenging. If you utilize field sales or distribution partners — or work in an industry where product information changes overnight — the added challenges of customization and localization may feel insurmountable.

Gage MARKET is a user-friendly, cost-effective solution built to solve those challenges. MARKET provides partners and sales teams access to a wide range of branded, customizable sales materials and campaigns for localized marketing that help them sell more, faster.

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Ensure brand adherence and partner involvement

  • Local partner marketing campaigns are fast and easy to customize
  • Brand and legal compliance is ensured with controlled customization
  • Automation reduces administrative and inventory costs
  • Partners see only the products and services they are authorized to sell
  • Automated co-op fund tracking and management is baked-in

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MARKET is simple to use, is customized to represent your brand well and delivers the appropriate content to your end users through robust permissioning.  

 Customize assets

Empower your users to customize marketing material including direct mail, digital assets, HTML email, presentations and more. 

Social post distribution 

Engage your partners to share the content you have crafted through social post distribution.

Lead generation 

Integrate with CRMs for single sign-on access, providing VARs with new marketing resources while keeping CRM data private.


Customize marketing materials

Controlled customization allows for localization of marketing materials while ensuring legal and brand compliance.

Enable your partners or field sales team to customize and deploy:

  • Presentations
  • Sell Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Thank You Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Emails
  • Social Posts
  • And More

Local email campaigns

Of course you have an email service provider deploying corporate email campaigns out to your prospects and clients. 

Do you empower your channel or partners to deploy localized campaigns on your behalf?

Provide access to templated emails that are data driven to send on brand messaging out to your partners prospects and clients. 

Is there reluctance from your partner to share that information with you? No problem, we will create that separation for them. 

An effective outbound marketing strategy includes both corporate communications as well as very local and customized marketing.

Personalized experience

Many digital asset management solutions fall short when it comes to user experience. The experience often becomes a "sea" of links that users need to sift through and try and find what they are looking for. When a user can't quickly find what they are looking for, they get frustrated and stop looking. The path of least resistance could become creating something on their own.

With our MARKET platform, user experience is top of mind, and we personalize the experience by allowing you to define segments of your audience and only serve up what is relevant to that user.   

In addition, MARKET provides:

  • Pre-built campaigns
  • Toolkits that aggregate content around a topic
  • Custom workflow that reduces end user time on site



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