Recognize your top performers, challenge your team to dig deep, ignite your channel or customers and build loyalty


Gage REWARD provides a rich feature set for running sales incentive programs, loyalty programs and online promotions — including sweepstakes and contests. We’ve run hundreds of programs in this space over the last two decades and can work with you in a variety of capacities.   

Dramatically increase participation and sales results with incentives

  • Gage’s REWARD Platform allows you to consolidate all your channel sales promotions and loyalty programs in one place
  • Channel partners can learn about and participate in sales incentives, promotions and reward programs
  • Companies can efficiently deliver and monitor sales promotion participation and effectiveness in one location 



Loyalty programs

Drive customer acquistion, retention, enrichment and advocacy metrics with an effective loyalty program.

Sales incentive programs

Incent sales teams to reach goals sooner with sales incentive programs while simultaneously managing incentive budget. 

Reward catalogs

Cost-effective rewards while building deeper, more meaningful connections with program participants.

Sweepstakes & contests 

Drive awareness, activation, support product launches, increase leads or collect valuable product information from your customers, employees and channel.  


Sales incentive programs

Go beyond points and levels to create a whole new level of engagement and excitement for your brand.

Reward catalog

We offer options for point redemption — catalogs and sweepstakes — while managing reward budget and liability.

Loyalty programs

We'll work with you to develop a loyalty program that is uniquely suited to your brand that will help you drive sales.


Online promotions

Online promotions such as sweepstakes and contests are one of the best marketing tools you can use to create excitement for your brand.