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Has your program become outdated, been too expensive to maintain, not driving the results you need or done little to boost your reputation? We can help fix that. 

Drive customer acquisition, retention, enrichment and advocacy metrics with an effective loyalty program supported with Gage REWARD.

We support a wide range of industries and companies both globally and local and have over 2 decades of experience in this space.



Often times loyalty programs need integrations to run a successful program, as there is important data about the user that needs to be collected in order to personalize the experience. Personalization could include content that shows up on the site, branding that is represented and promotional offers to the user. We do not take a one size fits all approach to loyatly as that can waste valuable resources. Each individual may respond in a different way, and the art to these programs is determining what value for each user do we need to provide to change their behavior.  

Integrations could include:

  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • User profiles
  • Sales data
  • Other trackable behaviors

Promotions and rewards

Our platform allows us to serve a variety of offers and rewards to the user.   

Lifecycle messaging

It is important to have a strong content strategy and lifecyle messaging strategy. Users will fall into a variety of buckets from new to your brand to die hard advocate. It's important you understand what bucket your users fall into as well as message to them in the appropriate way.

User support

We offer user support to help answer questions you are your users have about the program. We can work as a tier 2 support group, or we can take over support entirely for you.


There is no reason to run a loyalty program if you can't justify your spend through a solid ROI. We have you covered in this area, and will provide you with all the data you need and present it in a way that you don't have to have Data Scientist degree to understand what it all means.



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