Create more effective reward campaign with Gage’s proven approach

Motivate channel partners to sell more of your products and services. Gage’s REWARD platform allows you to bring all of your sales promotions and incentive offerings to your channel partners, and consolidates them all in one place. By utilizing a wide range of reward delivery vehicles – including catalogs, auctions and sweepstakes – you’ll reach your target sales goals sooner, and effectively manage your incentive budget at the same time.


Strategy and Design

We’ll design a unique program based on your specific situation using our proven REWARD Platform as a base. The first step is exploration and concentration on what will motivate your sales organization to hit your goals. We will integrate with existing systems whenever possible and automate tasks to optimize the experience for your users. The end product will be a rewards program that is uniquely your own and a valuable tool to help drive sales. 


Years of technological refinement stand behind the Gage REWARD Platform, making it extremely user friendly for both participants and program administrators. We break down barriers to participation by automating processes, including integration with your sales data and performance reporting. These proven systems result in greater program participation, which translates to increased sales for you.


One size does not fit all. And neither should rewards. We help you source unique and personal products and experiences to help you build deeper, more meaningful connections with your channel partners. Rewards can range from trend-forward merchandise to experiential rewards such as deep sea fishing trips; even a team dinner at an exclusive chef’s table.

Rewards Redemption

How you offer rewards to your salespeople can have a big impact on not only participant motivation, but also on your overall reward budget and, subsequently, ROI. There needs to be enough impact to motivate and engage members, while not spending more than needed to gain desired results. By offering a wide range of vehicles for point redemption, you have options for effectively managing your reward budget and point liability.

Our redemption options include:

  • Traditional catalog
  • Auctions
  • Flash offers
  • Sweepstakes 


Effectively monitor your sales promotion participation and performance through our program dashboards. Ongoing reporting allows informed decisions for ongoing fine tuning of your program to garner optimal results.


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