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It’s easy to get to know Gage. We’re a marketing agency that drives behavior among consumers, customers and partners. Our solutions span technologies, media and the full spectrum of disciplines, including promotion, relationship and digital marketing. And we marshal a vast array of resources, services and marketing capabilities to help clients achieve their business objectives.

That’s what we do. To understand why we’re so effective at it, look to our people.

Gage has erased traditional agency divisions to fuel collaboration and unleash creativity. Recognizing that great ideas can bloom anywhere, we have created an agency that nurtures their growth and encourages cross-pollination of ideas. Whether you’re an analyst or strategist, artist or technologist, original thinking is the ultimate asset. Which is why Gage doesn’t consign “Creative” to a department. It’s the core of our culture.


Our creative experts work together in each of our practice areas to drive customer behavior from awareness through advocacy.

What We Do


Founded in: 1992
2012 revenue:   $30 million
Employees: 120
Offices in: Minneapolis, Seattle
Rankings: Promo / Promotion Rank: #49
Ad Age / Interactive Rank: #35
Games, Contests & Sweepstakes: Top 5
Ponds: 2
Water Fowl: 215
Angry Geese: 3

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